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Thetford Motorhome Remapping

Remap your motorhome for better performance and more miles per gallon

WHY struggle up the hills when a little expert tuning can boost the performance of your motorhome by up to 30 per cent? And why put more money in the tank than you need to?

A professional Motorhome Remap can increase the performance of your vehicle, making all your journeys more enjoyable.

One of the main benefits of having your Motorhome’s engine remapped is that professional tuning will make your fuel go further. Much further. We can boost your vehicle’s miles-per-gallon by up to THIRTY PER CENT.

But that’s not all - it can also save you up to a third on fuel, making those journeys more enjoyable still. Our expert tuners will make your motorhome more driveable, smoother and less noisy so your life on the open road is more fun. Relax and enjoy the holidays and adventures you dream of, without feeling like you are going to have to get out and push up the hills.

When you consider the money you have spent on your motorhome, it makes sense to spend a little extra to make sure you get the best out of the Motor as well enjoying the Home.

The difference a Remap will make depends on the type and the age of the vehicle you are driving. Select your vehicle make from the list below to see what BHP & Torque improvements our experts can deliver – as well as the miles-per-gallon savings you will enjoy.

For more information about your vehicle – or if you have a question for our tuning experts - please call us today or submit a Callback Request and a member of staff will contact you.